Pubblished a Cover to ACS Biomaterials journal from Valerio Voliani

Pisa, 14/09/2020

Is pubblished in ACS Biomaterials & Engineering journal a cover about :

The integration into the preclinical research workflow of 3D neoplasms models is particularly appealing to promote the success of therapeutics in clinical trials while reducing the number of in vivo models. The cover image reports head and neck squamous cell carcinoma aggregates (yellow) on the lid of a petri dish before the formation of the tridimensional structures. The research leading to these results has received funding from AIRC under MFAG 2017, ID 19852 project, P.I. Voliani Valerio. View the article.

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5DNanoPrinting has started!

The 5D NanoPrinting project has started with its first virtual kick-off meeting held in the IIT - Center for MicroBioRobotics in Pontedera the 21st of September. The goal of the project is to create an innovative technology for the rapid-prototyping realization of micro(nano)machines and components that will find several cutting-edge applications in fields like consumer electronics, automotive and healthcare. 5dNanoPrinting was granted a budget of 3.58 million euros under the EU’s Horizon 2020 FET Open Program. CNI is participating to the project with a team of researchers of the Electron Crystallography research line coordinated by Mauro Gemmi.