Andrea Griesi

PhD Student
PhD Student

Research Lines

Electron Crystallography




Piazza San SIlvestro 12


2015: Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry, University of Parma

2018: Master's Degree in Supramolecular Chemistry, Nanomaterials and Nanosystem, University of Florence

From 2018: PhD student in Material Science at NEST Laboratories, University of Parma


Diffrazione elettronica e Perovskite magnetiche

Selected Publications

"8-hydroxyquinoline thiosemicarbazones: metal chelating properties and in vitro cytotoxicity" - "M. Carcelli, D. Rogolino, Matteo Tegoni, Anna Gatti, Andrea Griesi " 
 BioMet 15, XV PharmacoBioMetallics, Bari, 23 - 24 October, 2015, Pag 79

5DNanoPrinting has started!

The 5D NanoPrinting project has started with its first virtual kick-off meeting held in the IIT - Center for MicroBioRobotics in Pontedera the 21st of September. The goal of the project is to create an innovative technology for the rapid-prototyping realization of micro(nano)machines and components that will find several cutting-edge applications in fields like consumer electronics, automotive and healthcare. 5dNanoPrinting was granted a budget of 3.58 million euros under the EU’s Horizon 2020 FET Open Program. CNI is participating to the project with a team of researchers of the Electron Crystallography research line coordinated by Mauro Gemmi.