Laboratory of Translatable NanoTheranostics

Our efforts are devoted to the translation of noble metal nanomaterials to the bed-side by addressing the issue of metal persistence, in order to promote innovative and non-invasive treatments for neoplasms and infectious diseases.
By employing the ultrasmall-in-nano design, we have developed the passion fruit-like nano-architectures (WO2016/139591): an all-in-one inorganic nanomaterial able to jointly combine most of the intriguing behaviors of noble metal nanoparticles with their excretion from organism. Our main interests are related to photothermal conversion, drug delivery, photoacoustic/ultrasound imaging. In agreement with the 3R concept, we also continuously develop new 3D cancer models to test nanomaterials.
Thanks to the support of Fondazione AIRC we are especially working on combined treatments for head/neck neoplasms.
We are also involved in the development of novel nanorattle catalysts for hydrogen storage and automotive exhaust gas treatment.

Group Members

  • Valerio Voliani
  • Domenico Cassano
  • Ana Katrina Mapanao
  • Melissa Santi
  • Ylea Vlamidis
  • Giulia Giannone

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Prof. Gang Zheng, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre and TECHNA Institute (Toronto, Canada)
Prof. Hélder Santos, University of Helsinki (Helsinki, Finland)
Prof. Luca Menichetti, IFC-CNR (Pisa, Italy)
Prof. Elisa Giovannetti, Cancer Pharmacology Lab (Pisa, Italy)
Dr. Rosalia Bertorelli, IIT (Genoa, Italy)
Dr. Laura Poliseno, Oncogenomics Unit - Core Research Laboratory (Pisa, Italy)
Prof. Alex Tovstolytkin, Institute of Magnetism (Kyiv, Ukraine)
Dr. Orazio Vittorio, Children's Cancer Institute (Sydney, Australia)
Dr. Giuseppe Cirillo, Università della Calabria (Cosenza, Italy)


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