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Manuel Eduardo Moratalla Martin

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2D Materials Engineering
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Top Publications
Jimenez-Rioboo R. J., Gordillo N., de Andres A., Redondo-Cubero A., Moratalla M., Ramos M. A., Ynsa M. D.
Boron-doped diamond by 9Mev microbeam implantation: Damage and recovery
Carbon, vol. 208, pp. 421-431
Moratalla M., Rodriguez-Lopez M., Rodriguez-Tinoco C., Rodriguez-Viejo J., Jimenez-Rioboo R. J., Ramos M. A.
Depletion of two-level systems in highly stable glasses with different molecular ordering
Communications Physics, vol. 6
Moratalla M., Gebbia J. F., Ramos M. A., Pardo L. C., Mukhopadhyay S., Rudic S., Fernandez-Alonso F., Bermejo F. J., Tamarit J. L.
Emergence of glassy features in halomethane crystals
Physical Review B, vol. 99